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Lil Djent whose real name is Andres Gallo, is a producer, and guitarist based in New York City. Lil Djent was a project which began as Andres found himself traveling more often; with electronic music being an incredible way to keep exploring and making music on the go. This being something much more difficult to do in his previous live music based projects.

While growing up, Lil Djent’s Andres played bass, guitar, drums and even harmonica in variety of bands. Early on he played Latin music with his father in NYC based “Grupo Siembra”. Those were the great times, when he first fell in love with making music. It wasn't until the early 2000s when his parents gifted him his first electric guitar that he fell in love with guitar based music & many concepts of synthesis similar to those used in electronic music. With this knowledge he went to join & starts various bands. An extreme metal band, and later short lived but great band “Simple Freud,” with whom he met various musicians as they toured around New York City. Having explored a variety of styles such as latin, jazz, rock, pop and metal, it was then that he began his biggest projects. “The Lilt” and “Lil Djent,” both of which fuse multiple genres in different formats. Live vs Electronic


I am still figuring out this side of the music world... If you like the music, or whatever reason, feel free to reach out.

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